The Jedi

First of all, I am not a hardcore Star Wars fan.  You may not mock me for my incompetence on the subject.

Just recently, I completed important preparatory training at a community institution, earned my Bachelor’s degree.  I am now ready to undertake further education as Jedi Padawan at the Academy in order to become a (badass) Jedi Knight, MD.  A full decade ahead promises unforgiving, limit-breaking obstacles, the constant need for stern self-discipline and incessant battery of rigorous intellectual and psychological exercises.  A full decade stands in the way of my dreams.  The future seems a blur.

For the meantime, we strive, toil and consume the Force.  Oh hell yeah.

Before I got to have my own culture dish, I used to be a Youngling living in a broth with several other Jedi-wannabes.  It’s a little mushy, thick and dark there, like a good cup of coffee.  Nevertheless, it’s loaded with nutrients (that’s why the humans consider it an enrichment medium).  You may want to check it out and say hello to my little friends, especially to Inigo Montoya whose father is dead.  Here’s the Floo Powder to get you there.

* * *

*    *

P.S. Do not be mislead by the blog name.  The genus Campylobacter really exists.  While C. jedi is nonexistent, C. jejuni is a real bacteria (Gram-negative bacillus), and a clinically significant one.


Your thoughts?

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