Where the germ is

Welcome to my little petri dish.  The environment here is microaerophilic to suit my needs.  I hope you don’t suffocate.  I’ve been told I resemble sea-gulls or the alphabet letter S, but whatever.  Don’t believe what the humans say.  I still am, in every sense, a bacillus.  Not the deadly kind, though.  Just your ordinary little guy.

How to Navigate

I get this a lot.  Not all bacteria are motile unfortunately.  It would’ve been easier if everyone is, like Pseudomonas and me.  Anyway, since I got this Plasmid of Compassion and you’re in my territory, let me be of assistance.

The buttons above the header (picture of my humble house) represent the major categories that divide the blog contents.


(You are here.)

General Medicine

The realm outside the incubator.  That includes a nearby island called Biosafety Cabinet (BSC), where I’ve been a couple times.  But beyond that point is a complete mystery to me.  I heard one of the Jedi Masters talk about the Laboratory, the Emergency Room, the Operating Room, the Triage, etc.  Boy, I have got to see them all!

Medical School

This category basically covers everything that happened in the Academy, related to the path of becoming a greater Jedi, of course.

The Jedi

All about me, baby!

Enjoy the forces!


Your thoughts?

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